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Session 2017-2018

Teacher: Miss M Vickers

Welcome to Primary 2/1 website page. All the children in Primary 2/1 have settled in well and are making good progress. Please feel free to look at what we have been doing. Below is an indicator of what the children will be covering in Literacy, Numeracy and Interdisciplinary Topics

Term August-December:

Literacy: Primary 1

Primary 1s will be learning all their initial sounds. To accompany each sound there is a song and an action. They will be learning how to build cvc words using magnetic boards and letters and also flashcards from their word tubs. 

The children will be working their way through our Oxford Reading Tree programme. They have already learned their stage 1 key words, which are the characters in the stories and making good progress in Stage 2. I am sure it will not be long until they are reading you a bedtime story!

In writing the children have been learning to overwrite. An adult will scribe their story and the chidlren will write over the top of the adult's writing. They are making super progress and some children have started underwriting, where they copy the words and sentences underneath the adult writing. 

Literacy: Primary 2

Primary 2 are revising the digraphs that they covered at the end of Primary 1. After this revision they will continue with new phonemes. They are making good progress so far and working very hard. The children continue to use magnetic boards and letters to help them build and spell words. They are also using reciprocal teaching to read and spell words containing their phonemes. Revision of common words is running alongside their digraph work. New common words will start once revision has taken place.

Reading: The children are continuing to work through the ORT reading scheme. They are becoming very fluent readers and are now working on showing expression when they read. They will complete reading comprehension tasks in class.

In writing the children are well on their way to becoming independent writers. They are able to write independently using words books, word mats and using their phonic strategies. We are very pleased with their progress.

Numeracy: Primary 1

Primary 1 will be focusing on numbers to 10. Looking at the formation, sequencing, number before/after, number inbetween, one more than, one less than, showing a number of objects, identifying a specific number.

We are also looking at basic 2D/3D shapes in our environment. The children should be able to recognise specific shapes. We will look at tiling with shapes and basic information about these shapes, such as number of sides and shapes.

After the October holidays and we will be introducing the children to the concept of addition. They will learn to add within 10 using cubes and laminates, their fingers and also with a numberline.

Numeracy: Primary 2

This term the children have revised addition and subtraction with 20. They are all confident with using a numberline. We are currently working on stories of 11-20. 

The children will be looking at numbers to 100. They will be able to identify, sequence, find number before/after, inbetween etc. They should be able to draw 23 objetcs, 41 objects etc

Primary 2 will also be looking at 2D/3D shape. They will be revising basic shapes from Primary 1 and looking at more complex 2D shapes both in school and in the wider environment.The children will investigate which shapes are good for tiling and why as well as basic facts about their shapes, number of sides, corners etc.