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We hope that both you and your child will enjoy this year!

Our work in language covers reading, writing, listening and talking. A great deal of time is spent helping your child learn to read and developing the skills necessary for your child to make best use of what is read. Reading forms the basis of a lot of work in all areas of the curriculum so it is vital that both home and school support each child’s efforts. Aspects of work covered this year will include letter recognition, word building, reading for pleasure and information, composing simple stories and listening and talking to others.

Our work in maths covers number, money and measurement, problem solving and enquiry, information handling and shape, position and movement. It is vital that your child gets lots of practice with mental arithmetic eg adding on, more than, less than, find the difference between and this is where you can help by playing games at home, in the car or even in the supermarket!

Social Studies
Your child will be taught the skills of observing, describing and recording delivered through a variety of cross curricular topics. We will also help your child develop informed attitudes to allow him/her to make choices which best suit his/her needs. This area of the curriculum covers People, past events and societies, People, place and environment and People in society, economy and business. Where appropriate, your child will be taken on educational visits relating to the topics being studied or on occasions, experts will be invited into school to work with classes.

Schools in Scotland now embrace the Curriculum for Excellence which aims to help your child become a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor.

Enterprise Education
Primary 3/2 will undertake an Enterprise Project later on in the school year and parents/carers will be informed nearer the time of what this will be.

Religious and Moral Education
Your child will be given the opportunity to study Christianity and other world religions. Assemblies are held in school to celebrate various occasions and pupil achievements. Where appropriate you will be

Personal and Social Development
We hope that our programme of skills development will encourage your child to play and co-operate well with his/her peers. This is taught through such things as ‘circle time’. We encourage your child to be considerate and helpful to others at all times and we expect good standards of politeness and truthfulness. Our Positive Behaviour Programme is proving very beneficial in reinforcing the above. We have a Pupil Council comprising of representatives from P1-P7. They ensure that the opinion of every pupil is voiced, listened to and where possible, their suggestions acted upon.