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P4 in 2017-2018

A Parents'/Carers' Guide 

Teacher: Miss V France

This guide is to share with you some of the things your child will experience this year. It will also give you ‘handy hints’ about our routine and expectations at Bainsford Primary School.

Our school uniform consists of a dark green sweatshirt and golden polo shirt with the school name. White shirt/blouse and tie. Green Blazers are optional. Fleeces/waterproof jackets are also available. In warmer weather girls often wear Green/Yellow checked dresses and girl kilts are available. All clothing must have your child’s name on it.

Money for school lunches should be brought in a named purse or envelope. When money is sent to school for outings please put it in an envelope with your child’s name and the purpose clearly marked on the front.  Please name packed lunch boxes clearly.

If your child is absent from school please telephone the school before 9.15am on the first day of absence. This avoids any unnecessary worry if a child fails to arrive at school. If your child is taken ill at school, a member of staff will try to contact you or your child’s emergency contact. If your child receives a bump on the head at school they will have a note and will wear a sticker to alert you. This is purely precautionary so you can monitor your child at home in the evening. If the First Aid staff have any concerns you will be telephoned, for this reason please ensure your contact details are up to date.

Gym Kit
We will have two sessions of P.E. One with Mrs Barbour and one outside if the weather is not too cold or wet.  Please make sure your child have their gym kits (gym shoes, shorts and T-shirt for inside and joggers, sweatshirt and trainers for outside) in a bag.  The bag and every item of kit inside it must be clearly labelled.  The gym kit can be kept in school and sent home to be washed every so often. Football tops, shorts etc should never be worn. Earrings and other jewellery must not be worn.

The children may bring to school a snack or play piece which is eaten just before playtime whilst listening to a story. Children (and staff) have in the past been attacked by seagulls trying to take the children’s snacks. This was quite distressing for the children and therefore we eat our snacks inside. As we are a Health Promoting School we encourage the children to bring a healthy snack and drink. Once item of snack is usually all they can manage so it is not necessary to give numerous items. We allow our pupils to access water, for this they should bring a filled bottle in the morning and we can refill it for them in the afternoon. Please make sure that any snack tubs or water bottles are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


On dry days the children will play outside unless it is very cold. Please make sure your child is suitably dressed. The P4 children play in the large playground and the Support Staff will put out some toys. Being out with all their friends is quite exciting and some children enjoy running about, unfortunately bumps do happen and the staff will help your child if they are hurt. Some children find it difficult to understand that other children do not like rough play. Our very young children love to chase each other but they are sometimes too rough when they catch each other.

We discourage playing games which involve pretend fighting as children often get over zealous and hurt each other. All children learn that if someone hurts or upsets them they should tell a member of staff. We do not encourage hitting back, it is not the solution we want our pupils to learn when trying to resolve conflict. We would ask for your support with this so that the children are learning the same message at home and at school – we do not resolve violence with violence. If you have any concerns please contact the school.

Homework – Learning Logs
Homework will be given out weekly, we call it Learning Logs and it may consist of a selection from the following: reading, sounds, handwriting, maths and occasionally work from other areas of the curriculum.  If your child persistently says, ‘I’ve no homework,’ please contact the school to discuss it. We ask that you sign your child’s Learning Log as this helps enhance the school/home partnership which is so vital to your child’s education. At various times throughout the year we will ask for specific help with homework e.g. bringing items into school or taking your child to the library to find information and we would appreciate your support with this as it is as important as written homework.

We plan to send homework (Learning Logs) as soon as all the children have settled in the class.  We encourage our parents/carers to work with their child on their Learning Logs tasks. If you would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher for an appointment/chat.

The Curriculum
Schools in Scotland are now embracing the Curriculum for Excellence which aims to help your child become a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor.  Your child will be taught in whole class, small group or individual settings depending on the type of activity and also through play. If your child has a specific learning difficulty we will work very closely with you so you are aware of all strategies being used to support learning in school.

Our work in language covers reading, writing, listening and talking. A great deal of time is spent helping your child learn to read and developing the skills necessary for your child to make best use of what is read. Reading forms the basis of a lot of work in all areas of the curriculum so it is vital that both home and school support each child’s efforts. Aspects of work covered this year will include letter recognition, word building, reading for pleasure and information, composing simple stories and listening and talking to others.

Our work in maths covers number, money and measurement, problem solving and enquiry, information handling and shape, position and movement. It is vital that your child gets lots of practice with mental arithmetic eg adding on, more than, less than, find the difference between and this is where you can help by playing games at home, in the car or even in the supermarket!

Social Studies
Your child will be taught the skills of observing, describing and recording delivered through a variety of cross curricular topics. We will also help your child develop informed attitudes to allow him/her to make choices which best suit his/her needs. This area of the curriculum covers People, past events and societies, People, place and environment and People in society, economy and business. Where appropriate, your child will be taken on educational visits relating to the topics being studied or on occasions, experts will be invited into school to work with classes.  

Enterprise Education
Primary 4 will undertake an Enterprise Project later on in the school year and parents/carers will be informed nearer the time of what this will be.

Expressive Arts
It would be helpful if you provided your child with an old shirt to protect school uniform during art and design activities.

Religious and Moral Education
Your child will be given the opportunity to study Christianity and other world religions. Assemblies are held in school to celebrate various occasions and pupil achievements. Where appropriate you will be invited to attend. All families are welcome at our end of term services in Bainsford Church.

Personal and Social Development
We hope that our programme of skills development will encourage your child to play and co-operate well with his/her peers. This is taught through such things as ‘circle time’. We encourage your child to be considerate and helpful to others at all times and we expect good standards of politeness and truthfulness. Our Positive Behaviour Programme is proving very beneficial in reinforcing the above. We have a Pupil Council comprising of representatives from P1-P7. They ensure that the opinion of every pupil is voiced, listened to and where possible, their suggestions acted upon.

Holidays during term time
Requests should be put in writing to the Headteacher. It will not be possible to provide missed work. We cannot guarantee that your child will remain in the same working group on return from holiday.


Times of the school day for P4



We hope that this gives you an insight into your child’s routine in P4. If you have any concerns at all during the year please telephone the school (01324 508530) and make an appointment.

We hope that both you and your child will enjoy this year!