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P7 in 2017-2018

A Parents'/Carers' Guide

Teacher: Mr K Deed

This guide is to share with you some of the things your child will experience this year. It will also give you ‘handy hints’ about our routine and expectations at Bainsford Primary School.

Our school uniform consists of a dark green or black senior sweatshirt and golden polo shirt with the school name. White shirt/blouse and tie. Green Blazers are optional. Fleeces/waterproof jackets are also available. In warmer weather girls often wear Green/Yellow checked dresses and girl kilts are available. All clothing must have your child’s name on it.

Money for school lunches should be brought in a named purse or envelope. When money is sent to school for outings please put it in an envelope with your child’s name and the purpose clearly marked on the front. Please name packed lunch boxes clearly.

If your child is absent from school please telephone the school before 9.15am on the first day of absence. This avoids any unnecessary worry if a child fails to arrive at school. If your child is taken ill at school, a member of staff will try to contact you or your child’s emergency contact. If your child receives a bump on the head at school they will have a note and will wear a sticker to alert you. This is purely precautionary so you can monitor your child at home in the evening. If the First Aid staff have any concerns you will be telephoned, for this reason please ensure your contact details are up to date.

Holidays during term time
Requests should be put in writing to the Headteacher. It will not be possible to provide missed work. We cannot guarantee that your child will remain in the same working group on return from holiday.

Times of the school day for P7



We hope that this gives you an insight into your child’s routine in P7. If you have any concerns at all during the year please telephone the school (01324 508530) and make an appointment.

We hope that both you and your child will enjoy this year!