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Some Information about General School Life

Gym Kit
We will have two sessions of P.E. One with Mrs Barbour and one outside with Miss France. We will also be allowed to use the Fitness Suite. Please make sure your child have their gym kits (gym shoes, shorts and T-shirt for inside and joggers, sweatshirt, rain jacket and trainers for outside) in a bag.  The bag and every item of kit inside it must be clearly labelled.  The gym kit can be kept in school and sent home to be washed every so often. Football tops, shorts etc should never be worn. Earrings and other jewellery must not be worn.

The children may bring to school a snack or play piece which is eaten just before playtime whilst listening to a story. Children (and staff) have in the past been attacked by seagulls trying to take the children’s snacks. This was quite distressing for the children and therefore we eat our snacks inside. As we are a Health Promoting School we encourage the children to bring a healthy snack and drink. One item of snack is usually all they can manage so it is not necessary to give numerous items. We allow our pupils to access water, for this they should bring a filled bottle in the morning and we can refill it for them in the afternoon. Please make sure that any snack tubs or water bottles are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


On dry days the children will play outside unless it is very cold. Please make sure your child is suitably dressed. The P7 children play in the big playground and the Support Staff will put out some equipment. Playing football in the playground does at times cause arguments, we encourage good sportsmanship and pupils know if there is a dispute it may be followed up with a ‘red card’. Being out with all their friends is quite exciting and some children enjoy running about, unfortunately bumps do happen and the staff will help your child if they are hurt. Some children find it difficult to understand that other children do not like rough play. Some children love to chase each other but they are sometimes too rough when they catch each other. We discourage playing games which involve pretend fighting as children often get over zealous and hurt each other. All children learn that if someone hurts or upsets them they should tell a member of staff. We do not encourage hitting back, it is not the solution we want our pupils to learn when trying to resolve conflict. We would ask for your support with this so that the children are learning the same message at home and at school – we do not resolve violence with violence. If you have any concerns please contact the school.

Homework – Learning Logs
Homework will be given out weekly, we call it Learning Logs and it may consist of a selection from the following: reading, sounds, handwriting, maths and occasionally work from other areas of the curriculum.  If your child persistently says, ‘I’ve no homework,’ please contact the school to discuss it. We ask that you sign your child’s Learning Log as this helps enhance the school/home partnership which is so vital to your child’s education. At various times throughout the year we will ask for specific help with homework e.g. bringing items into school or taking your child to the library to find information and we would appreciate your support with this as it is as important as written homework.

We plan to send homework (Learning Logs) as soon as all the children have settled in the class.  We encourage our parents/carers to work with their child on their Learning Logs tasks. If you would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher for an appointment/chat.