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    03 Jun 2013 02:35:48 PM 

Came to this school for work experience in 2012 and was surprised at how good the school was! Very impressed and all staff and kids were lovely, i didn't want to leave!

    03 Sep 2012 09:54:46 AM 

Hello Ellie and Lewis, Good to hear from you! Hope you are loving your new school! - Mrs McCafferty

    03 Sep 2012 09:51:55 AM 

Thanks for you comment, I will upload a uniform page! - Mrs McCafferty

    02 Sep 2012 09:42:21 AM 

Bainsford Primary.

As a foster carer many children come to stay ,we need to be able to find out quickly what school uniform they should be wearing. Love your web page but could not find any place on it to tell me about uniforms. I had to look at photos of the children and hope for best, unable to phone school on Sunday  to clarify .

    21 Aug 2012 03:05:33 AM 

Hi to all of you from Lewis and Ellie!!!, we have looked at the photos of the Nature Trail and think it's FANTASTIC, wish we were there to play.  We are coming to visit in June next year and hope to see it then.  Well done to everyone who helped make this dream a reality.